Portkeys are inanimate objects enchanted to transport a person or group of people to a desired location. These objects tend to be normal, house-hold items that would not peak the interest of a Muggle or other Wizard or Witch whom the owner wants to discover.

[edit] Use

Portkeys have an advantage over other methods of travel like Floo Powder and Apparition because it allows a group of people to safely travel without worrying about interference. Portkeys are also safe and legal for underaged students to use, as seen when Harry, Hermoine, Ron and co. travel to the Quidditch World Cup.

[edit] Time

Some Portkeys are triggered by time. The caster sets a desired time for the portkey to trigger and anyone holding said object will be teleported to the desired location.

[edit] Touch

Some Portkeys are triggered by touch. The caster sets a touch-based trigger for the portkey and anyone/any group of people holding the Portkey will be teleported to the desired location.

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