Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe.

Peter Pettigrew
Peter Pettigrew, played by Timothy Spall.
AffiliationsMarauders, Order of the Phoenix, Death Eaters
ActorTimothy Spall

[edit] Background

Peter Pettigrew began at Hogwarts together with Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and James Potter. According to Minerva McGonagall, he was not on their level of intelligence. Nevertheless, he worshiped the three of them for their popularity and skill. When the friends, called the Marauders, decided to become Animagis to help Lupin (who was a werewolf), Peter became a rat took him some help from Sirius and James. This earned him the nickname "Wormtail".

He would, however, betray his friends. While the Marauders joined the Order of the Phoenix, he joined Voldemort instead of fighting against him-even though he's in the Order of the Phoenix picture shown Harry by Moody. After Voldemort got information from Pettigrew, Voldemort went and killed James and his wife. Sirius wanted revenge on his old friend. When he engaged Pettigrew, Pettigrew killed twelve Muggles and cut of his finger, before transforming into his rat form. Sirius was blamed for killing Pettigrew and the Muggles, and was sent to Azkaban for it. If that was not bad enough, Pettigrew was awarded the Order of Merlin for "confronting Sirius".

[edit] History

Pettigrew has appeared in every installment of the series; however, for the first two and most of the third, he was camouflaged as Ron Weasley's rat, Scabbers. Remus and Sirius confronted him in 1994 with the help of Harry, Ron and Hermione, and he was forced to transform into his human form again. Remus and Sirius wanted to kill, but Harry told them not to. They planned to take him to Hogwarts, but they were interrupted when Remus' transformation hit in. Sirius had to help the werewolf, and Peter saw his moment to escape.

The next year, Pettigrew helped Voldemort regain his human form. The same night, Peter killed Harry's friend Cedric Diggory. He had to cut off his hand to regain Voldemort, but Voldemort gave him a new, silver hand for his effort.

Harry met Pettigrew again in 1998, while he was held captive in the Malfoy Manor. Harry and Ron were in the cellar while Hermione was being tortured and questioned above, but with the help of Dobby, Harry and Ron were freed. Harry and Ron started to make sounds, and Pettigrew was sent to investigate. Harry and Ron jumped on him, but Pettigrew tried to strangle Harry. Harry told him of their first meeting, when Harry had saved his life. Pettigrew took his hand away, but the hand was seemingly a trap by Voldemort; if Pettigrew even thought about betraying the Dark Lord, the hand would turn on him instead. The hand started strangling Pettigrew, and even though Harry and Ron tried to stop it, they couldn't. But it (the hand) might not be a trap but the bond between Harry and Pettigrew because of the 3rd book.

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