Owls in the wizarding world are used as a mean to send messages. They are extremely popular among many wizard families and are often selected as pets for Hogwarts students. Owl breeds include Screech Owls, Barn Owls, and Snowy Owls, just to name a few.


[edit] Known Owls

[edit] Hedwig

Hedwig is Harry Potter's primary female Snowy Owl. She was bought by Rubeus Hagrid on Diagon Alley and given to Potter as a birthday gift for his eleventh birthday. Hedwig was used by Potter to deliver messages back and forth to people, one person particularly being Sirius Black, and also considered as a companion to him. When the two were cooped up in Potter's bedroom at the Dursleys' over the summer, Hedwig was always confined in a cage. She died from a Killing Curse over Little Whinging.

[edit] Pigwidgeon

Also known as "Pig," Pigwidgeon is Ronald Weasley's Scops Owl. His name originated from when Ginny began calling him Pigwidgeon, and began becoming accustomed to the name. Ron called him "Pig" for short due to annoyance with the name Pigwidgeon. Pig was a fairly small owl with gray feathers and often could not carry heavy letters for Ron. He was obtained by Ron after discovering Ron's first pet, Scabbers the rat, was actually Peter Pettigrew.

[edit] Errol

Errol is the Weasley family's male owl whose breed is unknown. He is known to be often clumsy, having crashed into the Weasleys' kitchen window and landing into a dish of food. He is old and has poor eye-sight, and loses consciousness much too often.

[edit] Hermes

Hermes is a male Screech Owl with gray feathers who belongs to Percy Weasley. He was given to Percy in his fifth year at Hogwarts.

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