Ministry of Magic


[edit] Summary

Inside the Ministry

The Minsitry of Magic is the government for the magical community. The Mnistry also connects the Muggle Government to the Magical World. The current minister is Kingsley Shacklebolt. The Ministry of Magic succeeded the Wizards' Council. The Ministry of Magic was run by Cornelius Fudge, but due to his easily intimidated nature he refused to admit Voldemort had returned, this later led to him being replaced by Rufus Scrimgeour, who was murdered when Death Eaters took over the Ministry. A new Minster was appointed, but was under the Imperius Curse, and laws where passed prosecuting Muggle born for stealing magic. When Voldemort was killed, Kingsley took over and started to reform the Minsitry.

[edit] Entrance

[edit] Vistor's Entrance

The public entrance to the Ministry of Magic is seen in Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. Harry Potter is to be put on trial, and has to enter through the public entrance. The entrance is a lift located within a Telephone box, a code is entered into the phone pad, and the the inside of the phone box starts to move down, being replaced by a new phone box.

[edit] Personnel Entrance

The entrance for employees is located in underground public bathrooms. In the 7th book, They enter the ministry by flushing themselves through, using a golden Ministry of Magic coin to open the doors. These toilets bring them out to a fireplace on the left of the Atrium. When leaving the Ministry they use the fireplaces on the right side of the Atrium causing them to come out of the toilet, from there they can Apparate to where they need to go.

[edit] Fall of the Ministry

The fall started when Cornelius Fudge refused to admit that Lord Voldemort had returned. When it was found out that the Dark Lord had returned, Fudge lost his job and was replaced by Rufus Scrimgeour. When the Ministry was taken over by Death Eaters Scrimgeour was murdered, and Pius Thicknesse was put in the position of Minister while under the Imperius Curse. While under Voldemorts control the Ministry started to place Surveillance on those it was suspicious of, and creating a Muggle Born Registration Commission in order to prosecute Muggle born for stealing Magic. During the fall various Death Eaters where given high ranking positions, the first thing done was the Taboo curse being placed upon Voldemorts name as a method of tracking enemies, with Harry Potter being the main enemy with a reward on his head. During the fall attendance at Hogwarts was mandatory and blood status had to be proven for all students, with Severus Snape being set as Headmaster. Defence Against the Dark Arts became the study of the Dark Arts, and Muggle Studies got changed to hateful propaganda against Muggles.

[edit] Departments

The departments contact each other through inter-departmental memos. These memos took the shape of paper planes, as owl's kept leaving droppings all over the place.
Inter-Deparmental Memos

Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Department of Magical Games and Sports
Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Department of Magical Transportation
Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Department of International Magical Cooperation
Department of Mysteries

[edit] Floors

There are 10 floors to the ministry, each doing a different thing.

[edit] Level 1 - Minister of Magic and Support Staff

This floor has the officers of the highest ministry officials. The known offices on this floor are:

  • Minster of Magic's office
  • Adviser to the Minister's office
  • Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic
  • Junior Assitant to the Minister of Magic

[edit] Level 2 - Department of Magical Law Enforcement

This department is the largest in the ministry, and possibly the most important. This level includes

  • Aurors' Office
  • Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office
  • Wizengamot Administration Services
  • Improper Use of Magic Office
  • Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects.

[edit] Level 3 - Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

This department is responsible for repairing accidental magical damage. Within this department there are:

  • Accidental Magical Reversal Squad
  • Obliviator Headquaters
  • Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee
  • Invisibility Task Force
  • Muggle Liaison Office

[edit] Level 4 - Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

This level is home to the second largest department in the ministry. Included in this level is:

  • Beast Division
  • Being Division
  • Spirit Division
  • Goblin Liaison Office
  • Centaur Liaison Office
  • Pest Advisory Board
  • Office of Misinformation

[edit] Level 5 - Department of International Magical Cooperation

This level is home to an agency that is concerned with foreign affairs. This means co-operating with wizards from different countries in both political and public wizarding actions.

  • International Magical Trading Standards Body
  • International Magical Office of Law
  • International Confederation of Wizards, British Seats

[edit] Level 6 - Department of Magical Transportation

The Department of Magical Transportation is as it says, responsible for various aspects of magical transport.

  • Floo Network Authority
  • Broom Regulatory Control
  • Portkey Office
  • Apparation Test Centre

[edit] Level 7 - Department of Magical Games and Sports

This department is seen as the most relaxed, dealing with sports organising, such as Quidditch World Cup, and Triwizard Tournament. The following areas are seen on this level:

  • British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters
  • Official Gobstones Club
  • Ludicrous Patents Office

[edit] Level 8 - The Atrium

The Atrium is the area that welcomes visitors to the Ministry of Magic.

  • Lobby and Reception Area
  • Fountain of Magical Brethren/Magic is Might Monument
  • Security Desk
  • Lifts
  • Magical Maintenance Office

[edit] Level 9 - Department of Mysteries

This floor is home to the Department of Mysteries, and it carries out Confidential research. Most operations carried out is done in secret, the known chambers in this level are:

[edit] Level 10 - Wizengamot Courtrooms

Access to this level is via stairs only. It is where witches and wizards are put on trial. These courtrooms were used in 1995 for the trial of Harry Potter, and after the First Wizarding War, for judging Death Eaters.

[edit] Battle of the Department of Mysteries

D.A inside the Dept of Mysteries

Voldemort and his Death Eaters wanted to steal something that was hidden in the Department of Mysteries. Something only Harry Potter could read, this was the Prophecy. In order for Voldemort to get it, he needed to get Harry down to the Ministry of magic. He did this by using his connection with Harry to plant a fake memory of his God Father, Sirius Black, getting tortured by Death Eaters at the Department of Mysteries hoping Harry would come running to save him. Harry and members of the D.A go running, only to find nothing there. Harry See's his Prophecy, and while he is looking at it, Death Eaters appear, and Lucius Malfoy tells him to give him the prophecy. Harry refuses, and the D.A members start using spells learnt during that same year to fight off the death eaters, the battle starts in the Hall of Prophecies, which is the first chamber mentioned in the previous section for the Department of Mysteries floor. After fighting and running from the Death Eaters, the D.A they DA all split up and the all go into different rooms most of them go into some room thats to do with planets. everyone except for Luna and Harry are hurt in some way (Ginny's sprained her ankle, Ron has one those brain thing on him, Neville had some kind of hopping curse on him, Hermoine unconscious) (they the D.A members) only become hostage in the movie )and Lucius Malfoy tells Harry to hand over the Prophecy or his friends will be killed. Harry goes to hand over the prophecy when members of the Order arrive. Neville who is holding the Prophecy drops the Prophecy causing it to break because of him hopping aroun, the Order and the Death Eaters fight, with Sirius Black getting hit with the killing curse cast by Bellatrix Lestrange, and Sirius fell back into the Veil. The fight is then taken by Harry Potter alone into the Atrium as he attempts to catch Bellatrix for killing Sirius. At this moment Voldemort shows up and attemts to coax Harry into using an unforgivable curse on her. Harry couldn't do it, being called weak by Voldemort, and then Dumbledore appears, he and Voldemort start a dual, which ends in a draw, as Voldemort left due to the arrival of the Minister of Magic (not before possing Harry for a tiny bit).

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