Items in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GBC)

Recovery Items
AntidoteCures poison
Anti-Paralysis PotionCures paralysis
Every Flavour BeansRecovers 10 Stamina Points
Grand Pepper-Up PotionRecovers 100 Magic Points
Pepper-Up PotionRecovers 30 Magic Points
Revive PotionRevives a defeated party member
Wiggenweld Grand PotionRecovers 100 Stamina Points
Wiggenweld PotionRecovers 30 Stamina Points
Miscellaneous Items
2nd Year School BooksRequired at HogwartsBuy at Diagon Alley Book shop
Baby SpiderPart of the Trading SequenceTrade Misprinted Wendolyn Card with Wendolyn painting
Bicorn HornPolyjuice Potion ingredientSnape's storeroom
Boomslang SkinPolyjuice Potion ingredientSnape's storeroom
Chocolate CakeSleeping potion for Crabbe and GoyleGet from Hermione when you need Crabbe's and Goyle's hair
Cocoa BeansFudge ingredient Hagrid's garden
Crabbe HairPolyjuice Potion IngredientGet after giving Crabbe and Goyle Chocolate Cakes
Duelling TrophyNo functionReceive after defeating the 7th Year Student at the Duelling Club
Folio BrutiBook with enemies you've encounteredReceive after degnoming Ron's garden
Folio MagiBook with Famous Witches and Wizards cardsHarry's desk, Harry's room, Harry's house
Folio TriplicusBook with card combinationsHarry's desk, Harry's room, Harry's house
Football CardPart of the Trading SequenceBuy Ron a Chudley Cannons shirt in Diagon Alley
GermanderFudge IngredientHagrid's garden
Ghoul ChainsRon's Attic Ghoul's chainsFirst floor of Ron's House, in the oven
Goyle HairPolyjuice Potion IngredientGet after giving Crabbe and Goyle Chocolate Cakes
HarmonicaPart of the Trading SequenceTrade Torch with student in Muggle Studies Class
Hedwig the OwlRequired to go to Ron's houseHarry's wardrobe, Harry's room, Harry's house
Hermione's NoteGet information about the Chamber of SecretsIn petrified Hermione's hand
Hogwarts: A HistoryGet information about the Chamber of SecretsLibrary
Ingredient ChecklistChecklist for Fudge ingredientsGet from Hagrid when Ron's cursed
Invisibility CloakBecome invisibleHarry's suitcase, only available when it's required
Kwikspell BookLearn the Skurge spellOne of the drawers in Filch's desk after the Chamber of Secrets opened
Magic StorybookKatie's storybookTrade Photo of Harry Potter with Ginny
Magic WhistlePart of the Trading SequenceTrade Harmonica with student in Music Class
MandrakeEscaped Baby MandrakeGreenhouse during Herbology Class
Misprinted Wendolyn CardPart of the Trading SequenceTrade Football Card with person from Card Collection Club in Diagon Alley
Permission NoteRequired to get the Polyjuice Potion Book in the forbidden section of the LibraryGet from Lockhart
Photo of Harry PotterPart of Katie's storybook sidequestAsk Colin to take your picture
Purple ToadGet a Famous Witches and Wizard CardMagical Menagerie in Diagon Alley, a sidequest
Spiked CollarPart of Trading SequenceTrade Baby Spider with Hagrid
SuitcaseHarry's SuitcaseHarry's room
Tentacula SapFudge ingredientReceive after defeating the Venomous Tentacular in Hagrid's garden
Tom Riddle's DiaryGet information about the Chamber of SecretsMyrtle's bathroom
TorchPart of Trading SequenceTrade picture of Lockhart with girl outside Lockhart's office
ValerianFudge ingredientHagrid's garden
Vault KeyGringotts Vault keyReceive from Hagrid when in Diagon Alley
WormseedFudge ingredientHagrid's garden

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