Hufflepuff Emblem
FounderHelga Hufflepuff
Head Of HousePomona Sprout
Emblem AnimalBadger
House GhostThe Fat Friar
Common Room LocationBy the Kitchens, through a painting.

Hufflepuff is a house in Hogwarts, which is located in the Harry Potter Universe. Hufflepuff students are considered clever, hard-workers and believe in fair play and loyalty. Their symbol is a Badger, and the head of the house is Pomona Sprout.


[edit] Founder

Helga Hufflepuff was the founder of Hufflepuff.

[edit] Common Room

The Dormitories and Common room for Hufflepuff are located through a painting near Hogwart's kitchens. According to J.K. Rowlings exclusive web chat, it is a quite cosy and welcoming place, not like the Slytherin Common Room. The room is decorated with bright yellow hangings and fat armchairs, the dormitories, can be gotten to via little underground tunnels in the common room.

[edit] Quidditch Team

The Hufflepuff quidditch team is a team that is considered to be not-so-good in the school rankings.

[edit] Team

The players (Past and present) are as follows:

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