Help:Categorizing Pages

On this wiki, one of the most important parts in making a page is categorizing them. Categories not only sort the page, but make them easier to find for editing. To categorize a page is simple, use this syntax:

[[Category:Cat name]]

And replace the Cat name with a category. Checking out list of Categories is a good way to find some simple categories to put on a page. A list of categories also appears on each edit page, wrapped in the Category markup so all you need to do is copy and paste it. When the page is saved, a bar like this should appear at the bottom:


Red indicates a category that has not yet been created, blue is a category with a page about it. To create a category page, just click on it, type, add info and save it in the same way you would other pages. You can use as many Categories as you want on a page, just make sure that the Capitalisation is correct.