Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The book's UK Cover.
Release dateJune 21, 2003
IllustratorsJason Cockcroft (UK)
Mary GrandPré (US)
Pages766 (UK)
870 (US)
Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix is the fifth book of the seven book Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

[edit] Summary

We begin with Harry Potter, our main character of the series, worrying about the rise of Lord Voldemort, since he has not been able to get any news from his closest friends, Ronald (Ron) Weasley or Hermione Granger. After being springed from his house in Little Whinging, after being attacked by a pair of Dementors. He is re-united with Ron and Hermione, and learns that Dumbledore has made them promise not to tell Harry anything. Harry learns about the 'Order of the Phoenix', an organization set up to combat Lord Voldemort's forces.

When Harry and his cousin Dudley Dursley were attacked by the Dementors, Harry was forced to use magic infront of a Muggle (non-magic). That is against Wizarding Laws, and therefore he had to go to court. Fortunately, Dumbledore and Arabella Figg manage to provide evidence which lead to all the charges against Harry dropped. At the end of the court session, Dumbledore appeals to Cornelious Fudge, the Minister of Magic, to see sense and accept the fact that the Dark Lord has returned. However, Fudge refuses to believe it.

When Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts, they find Dolores Jane Umbridge, an employee of the Ministry of Magic, has been appointed as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Throughout the book, she constantly interferes with the school rules and makes new ones, and eventually she is made the Headmistress of Hogwarts. She doesn't let the students practice magic, which leads to Harry creating 'Dumbledore's Army' which is designed for students to use and perfect defensive spells. It is very successful until someone tells Umbridge, and when she raids the Room of Requirement, which they were using to hide their intentions. She captures Harry, and when she tries to get him into trouble, Dumbledore takes the blame on the fact that it is Dumbledore's Army, not Harry's. Dumbledore then evades Ministry capture, and flees Hogwarts. That is when Dolores Umbridge is promoted to Headmistress.

During the book, Hagrid informs Harry, Hermione and Ron that he was sent to France, to try and get the Giants onto their side. However, it seems that they failed, and they have instead joined the Dark Lord. It wasn't for nothing though, as Hagrid brought back his half-brother "Grawp". When Hagrid is eventually driven from the school grounds, it is up to Harry and his friends to keep "Grawp" company.

Harry frequently dreams about a long corridor with a door. He dreams that he is a snake, presumably Nagani, Lord Voldemort's snake, attacking Mr Weasley, who is on patrol. After he wakes up, Harry alerts Dumbledore, who makes sure Mr Weasley is safe. The fact that Harry saw this warns Dumbledore that Harry might have a mental connection to Voldemort. Dumbledore instructs Professor Severus Snape to teach Harry "Occlumency", which shall allow him to block out the Dark Lord from accessing and influencing his thoughts. However, Harry finds it too difficult to learn, and he sees Sirius Black, his godfather, locked up in the Department of Mysteries. He attempts to warn the Order of the Phoenix via the Floo Network connected to Umbridge's office, however Umbridge herself finds them. She deduces that Harry was trying to contact Dumbledore, who, of course, is on the run. She attempts to torture him, but Hermione manages to spin a lie, telling Dolores that Harry was trying to contact Dumbledore to tell him his secret weapon was ready. Umbridge believes her, and forces Harry and Hermione to take her to this secret weapon. Hermione leads them deep into the Forbidden Forest, where they are ambushed by centaurs, and then by "Grawp". The centaurs flee, with Umbridge as a hostage.

They return to Hogwarts, and are re-united with Ron, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom, and they all agree to go to the Department of Mysteries to "save" Sirius. When they arrive at the Department of Mysteries, they see that Sirius was never there. The Dark Lord had used that mental connection to plant a fake image in Harry's head. They find a glass orb, with Harry's name on it. It is the prophecy which predicts the downfall of Voldemort. Suddenly, Lucius Malfoy and various other Death Eaters arrive, That glass orb that Harry has is a "weapon" that Voldemort needs. A fight ensues, and the glass orb shatters, and members of the Order of the Phoenix arrives to save the children. During the fight, Sirius is slain by Bellatrix, his cousin. Harry gives chase to the fleeing Bellatrix.

Dumbledore arrives, as does Lord Voldemort himself. A fierce fight happens in the Ministry itself, and when Dumbledore gains the upper-hand, the Dark Lord flees. He then possesses Harry, and invites Dumbledore to kill him. Harry repels Voldemort, using his grief for Sirius as a mental weapon. Fudge and several Aurors appear, to see the startling scene of Voldemort fleeing. This makes Fudge realise that Dumbledore was telling the truth.

Back at Hogwarts, in Dumbledore's office, Dumbledore opens up to Harry. He tells him that his mother, when she died, placed a immensely powerful protective charm on Harry. This stays in effect, if Harry returns to the Dursleys' house every summer. He tells him about the prophecy, and how Neville might have been in his situation. Dumbledore is reinstated as Headmaster, and all of Umbridge's rules are removed. She is saved from the centaurs, but is traumatised by the experience. The ending of the book is one where Alastor Moody warns Vernon Dursley that they are watching, and that if anything happens to Harry, they will be there. Harry heads off to the Dursleys' house, and that is the ending of the book.

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