Gregory Goyle

Gregory Goyle
Gregory Goyle.jpg
Gergory Goyle
ActorJosh Herdman
ParentsMr. Goyle
Mrs. Goyle
AffiliationDraco Malfoy
Inquisitorial Squad

Gregory Goyle is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe.

[edit] Background

Goyle is in the same year as Harry Potter. He was sorted into Sytherin, and became friends with Draco Malfoy seemingly before the first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Goyle isn't shown much friendship by Draco, and is used more for doing the bidding of Draco. He seems to have a lack of intelligence, and magical talent. The only thing on his side is his size and strength used to bully the other students. Goyle's father is named as a Death Eater.

[edit] History

Goyle was tricked in his second year by Harry, and Ron, and was then impersonated by Harry in order to question Draco. During his fifth year he made it onto the Quidditch team as a Beater, and got transfigured into a large slug when he attempted to ambush Harry. During his sixth year he used Polyjuice Potion to transform into a girl in order to guard the Room of Requirement for Draco. At the end of that year Goyle didnt know what to do with himself, due to Draco leaving. In the last year of school Goyle was favoured by the Death Eater professors, and he was able to excel at some of his school work. This could have been because there was no Draco to distract him. In the Battle of Hogwarts he tried to help Crabbe, and Malfoy in an ambush on Harry, Hermione and Ron, but ended up being saved by Ron and Hermione.

[edit] Appearance

Broad shoulders, and is larger than Draco. He has large feet, and small eyes, as well as long arms. His hair is short and bristly.

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