Giants are fictional creatures from the Harry Potter Universe.

[edit] Background

Giants are an ancient race that were driven back into hiding by Wizards. After Voldemort persuaded them enough, the giants joined his side and fought against the Order.

[edit] History

In the series, there aren't many mentions of giants. Hagrid is a half-giant along with Olympe Maxime, whom we find out in the fourth book for both. After the fourth book, Hagrid and Maxime were sent on a mission by Dumbledore to try to get the Giants to come over to their side, before Voldemort could. When they arrive at their camp, they only see eighty giants left in the place, and therefore only 80 left in the world. Hagrid did what Dumbledore said, and gave the head Giant magic, which worked. That night there was a fight, and the head Giant was killed by an even bigger giant, whim was now the leader. They gave him the magic, but he wanted to kill Hagrid, and Maxime saved him. That night, Death Eaters came and got most of the tribe on their side. Hagrid did get some, but they were killed. Hagrid also found his little brother, Grawp, whom he took back to the Forbidden Forest, where he hid.

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