Dobby is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe.

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Toby Jones provides Dobby's voice in the films.
BornJune 27
DiedMarch 1998
Cause of deathStab injury

[edit] Background

Dobby is a house elf that belongs to the Malfoy family. He seems to be of the nervous kind and is extremely scared of doing a mistake, so when he speaks bad of the Malfoys or does something wrong he starts hurting himself in various methods, often by butting his own head at the door.

[edit] History

Illustration for the chapter "Dobby's Warning"

Dobby the house-elf first appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry's second year at Hogwarts. He first talked to Harry when Harry had to stay in his room, since Vernon Dursley had a business dinner with clients. Dobby came to warn Harry of an impending danger at Hogwarts, and to make sure he didn't go back. Whenever Dobby talked ill against his masters, he had to punish himself. When Harry refuses to stay, Dobby runs downstairs and uses a Hover Charm to smash pudding over the clients wife, and then Disparate. Harry is blamed for the Hover Charm and he is locked in his room until the Ron and Fred and George Weasley come to get him. The second time Dobby tries to prevent Harry from getting to Hogwarts is when Ron and Harry try to get through the wall into Platform 9 3/4. Dobby makes it so that the gate is closed so they can't get through it. They take the flying Ford Anglia which belongs to Ron's father, Arthur Weasley, and fly to Hogwarts anyway.

The next time Dobby appears is at a Quidditch match against Slytherin. Dobby bewitches a bludger to be rogue and only come after Harry. Harry gets hit by it in the right arm, which breaks it, and he is still able to catch the Snitch. Gilderoy Lockhart appears to try and heal Harry's arm, but fails epically by removing all bones in his arm. Later that night at the hospital wing, when Harry is growing back his bones in his arms, Dobby appears and tells him that he did everything, and that he still is trying to get him to go away from Hogwarts. After Harry has rescued Ginny Weasley from the Chamber of Secrets, Lucius Malfoy appears in Albus Dumbledore's office, with none other than Dobby tailing him, trying to polish his shoes. Lucius talks to Dumbledore, and when Lucius is leaving with Dobby, Harry takes Riddle's diary, and puts his sock in it. Harry gives the diary to Lucius and he tosses it aside. Dobby catches it and he is freed from the Malfoy's service, and now feels like he is indebted to Harry.

Dobby disapparating

In Harry's fourth year, during the Triwizard Tournament, Dobby plays another semi-important role. Dobby first appears at Hogwarts, where he is now working for money and in the kitchen (to Hermione's delight). He overheard Moody talking to McGonagall about the second task. He hears Moody talk about Gillyweed and Dobby goes to get some from Snape's personal potions cupboard. Dobby gets some and Harry gets high marks on the second task.

Dobby plays a minimal role in the Order of the Phoenix. All he does is take Hermione's S.P.E.W hats, and he is the only one that cleans Gryffindor Tower. He is also the one that tells Harry about the Room of Requirements, that is used by Dumbledore's Army as a training station.

In the last book, The Deathly Hallows. Dobby is cooperating with Aberforth Dumbledore who owns a bar in Hogsmeade, when Harry, imprisoned at the Malfoy Manor, looks into the broken mirror only to see a blue eye, which he thinks belongs to Albus Dumbledore. Shortly thereafter, they manage to escape the manor with the help of Dobby. But as they Disapparate, they feel that something is wrong. As they Disapparated, Bellatrix Lestrange threw a knife and hit Dobby. Dobby dies after a short while. In respect of Dobby, Harry and the others hold a funeral for him, in which Harry, Ron and Dean Thomas bury the body. The goblin Griphook sees the whole sequence from his bedroom window and gains respect for Harry, deciding to help him break into Gringotts.

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