Chapter 3 - The Burrow


[edit] Timeframe [3]

23rd July, 1991 - July 30, 1991

[edit] Synopsis [3]

By the time Harry has been released from his cupboard, the school term has ended and the summer holidays are in progress. Harry spends most of the time following his release being bullied by Dudley and his gang. However, he is not too unhappy because he knows that things will have improved by September. Dudley and a fellow gang member are due to be enrolled at a posh boarding school, whilst Harry will be sent to a rough local Comprehensive.
One morning, a rather unusual event happens � Harry receives a letter in the post for the first time in his life. Noticing this occurrence, his aunt and uncle react with shock and dismay. The letter is taken by Harry and promptly destroyed, without so much as an explanation given to its rightful owner. Vernon tries to take Harry�s mind from the letter by moving him out of his cupboard and permitting him to use a spare bedroom as his own. Over the next few days, more and more letters arrive at the house. On every occasion, Vernon outwits Harry before he can get his hands on a single letter. But as the letters begin to arrive in droves, Vernon reaches the end of his tether.
He packs the car and the whole household flee in an attempt to escape the mail. It does not work and the letters continue to follow them. In desperation, Vernon borrows the usage of a small and desolate hut, located on an island in the sea, miles from anywhere. The family relocate to this hovel and Harry is made to sleep on the floor. Left to his own thoughts, he realises that the next day will be his eleventh birthday.

[edit] Setting [3]

  • Number Four Privet Drive</li>
  • Railview Hotel, Cokeworth</li>
  • The Hut-on-the-Rock</li>

    [edit] Characters [3]


  • Dudley Dursley </li>
  • Petunia Dursley</li>
  • Vernon Dursley</li>
  • Harry Potter</li>
  • Dennis (Surname Unknown)</li>
  • Gordon (Surname Unknown)</li>
  • Malcolm (Surname Unknown)</li>
  • Hotel Owner (Name Unknown)</li>
  • Arabella Figg</li>

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