Aragog is a fictional creature from the Harry Potter Universe.

[edit] Background

Aragog is a giant monster spider that was bred by Hagrid in his second year of Hogwarts. He was believed to be the monster that killed Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom where she sulks, but Tom Riddle set Hagrid up and Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts because of Riddle framing him. Hagrid took Aragog to the Forbidden Forest, where he raised him and became his friend.
Illustration for the chapter Aragog

[edit] History

After Hagrid got carried off to Azkaban for believing to be the Heir of Slytherin again, Harry and Ron went into the forest and followed the spiders to his domain. Aragog told them a story of how Hagrid was framed and how he lived in here now. After that Aragog sent his children after them, and they escaped thanks to the old Ford Angelina that became wild after they crashed it. In the sisxth book, Aragog dies and Harry was the only one who went down to see him after taking the Felix potion. He met Slughorn on the way, and Slughorn got some bottles and took some of the venom from Aragog. Hagrid buried him in his pumpkin patch.

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