Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth book of the seven book Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.


The book starts out with, of course, with our main character of the series, Harry James Potter. He is invited to the Quidditch World Cup by his close friend Ronald Weasley. After a short series of events, which ends up with the Dursley's fireplace being blown to smithereens, and Dudley Dursley having his tounge extended and swelled astronomically, Harry finds himself in the Weasley's house, The Burrow. He meets up with his other close friend, Hermione Granger, and a couple of days later they travel to the Quidditch World Cup. After a thrilling match, with Ireland winning by only 10 points, our characters retreat to their tents for some well-needed rest. However, they are woken up by a horrific scene. Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort's supporters, have decided to attack the campsite! They have held hostage, by magical means, the Muggle (non-magic) owners of the area, and they are blasting tents and people. Harry and his friends, including the Weasley twins and Ginny Weasley, run into the nearby forest. They become seperated from the Fred, George and Ginny, and are accused of sending the 'Dark Mark' into the sky. The Dark Mark is usually cast whenever someone is killed, and was Voldemort's trademark. After it was found that a house elf, who was quickly fire, of an important Ministry figure, the accusations were dropped.

The trio return the Burrow, and then go to Hogwarts. During the feast at the start of the School Year, it is said that Quidditch was unable to be played this year. Before anyone got angry, however, Dumbledore explained that the Triwizard Tournament, which is best known for the fact that all three prominent European schools (Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons) compete to see whose 'champion' (a selected student) wins. However, Harry cannot compete, as there is a age limit, and to enforce this rule, there is an 'Age Line'. Fred and George attempt to fool the 'Age Line' using an aging potion, but it doesn't work, and the twins suddenly grow a pair of long beards.

When they champions are selected (Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts, Fleur Delacour for Beauxbatons and Viktor Krum for Durmstrang), a surprise is in store for Harry, whose name was anonymously put into the drawing for champions, even though he was not of age.

The First Task

The first task is to get past a dragon and retrieve a golden egg. Cedric Diggory turns a rock into a Labrador, Fleur Delacour put the dragon into a trance, but it backfired when the dragon snored, and set her clothes on fire. She quickly puts te fire out using a spell which fired water out her wand, and retrieved the egg. Viktor Krum hit the dragon in the eye, and retrieved the egg. However, in the dragon's pain, it trampled a small amount of eggs, which meant that he lost some marks. Harry Potter used his broomstick to fly past the dragon, and retrieve the egg.

The Second Task

A person was taken from each competitor:

Ron Weasley from Harry Potter
Hermione Granger from Viktor Krum
Cho Chang from Cedric Diggory
Gabrielle Delacour from Fleur Delacour

It is said that the people would die within an hour, if their champion did not save them. They were placed at the bottom of a lake, and the champions had to traverse the obstacles to retrieve their hostage. Viktor Krum did a bad transformation into a shark, and rescued Hermione. Cedric Diggory used a bubble-head charm, encasing his head in a bubble full of air, and he successly rescued Cho Chang. Harry used Gillyweed, which transformed him into a 'human-fish' hybrid, and successfully rescued Ron Weasley and Gabrielle Delacour, after her sister, Fleur, failed to appear after being attacked by Grindylows.

The Third Task

The Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch has been transformed into a giant maze. The champions have to get to the centre, where they shall find the Triwizard Cup. After that, the Tournament has ended. They face many enemies, such as giant spiders, Blast-Ended Skrewts and a Sphinx.

The Graveyard

Cedric and Harry reach the Cup at the same time. However, when they touch it, rather then ending the games, they are transported to a graveyard. The Cup was a portkey! Cedric is killed by Wormtail, and Harry is forced to give his blood, and using other ingrediants, Wormtail successly revives Lord Voldemort, from a weakened 'ghost' to a full human body. After a series of events, including a heart-pounding duel between the Dark Lord and Harry, Harry escapes using the Portkey, along with Cedric's body.

The Aftermath

Harry and Cedric Diggory's body lands outside the maze. They attract a crowd, and Harry is taken away by Professor Moody. However, it is not Moody, but an imposter! After Dumbledore successfully disarms the imposter, and finds out his identity, Harry is taken away from the room and to the school hospital. He spends the night, and then later returns home, and so ends the book.

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