Harry Potter

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Harry James Potter
Daniel Radcliffe has portrayed Harry in every movie.
ActorDaniel Radcliffe
BornJuly 31, 1980
AffiliationDumbledore's Army Leader, Slug Club Qudditch team

Harry Potter is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe. The plot revolves around him and his life.



Harry Potter is a half-blood wizard. His father, James Potter, came from a wealthy wizard family, while his mother was a Muggle-born witch. When Harry was a year old, his parents were killed by Lord Voldemort. When Voldemort tried to kill Harry too, a bond between him and his mother made Voldemort's curse hit back on himself. Voldemort lost his body and powers, while Harry was left with only a scar. Rubeus Hagrid borrowed a flying bike from Sirius Black, picked up Harry and fled to Privet Drive where Harry's only living family lived, his Muggle aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley. For ten years, Harry would live there, believing he was a Muggle.


The Philosopher's Stone

In the first installment, Harry is still living as a Muggle with the Dursleys. Petunia and Vernon also have their own son, Dudley, who is the same age as Harry. Harry is treated much worse than their own son. One day, Dudley's birtday, they decide to go to the zoo (Harry was taken with them because his babysitter Mrs. Fig broke her leg and Aunt Marge was away and one of Petunia's friends didn't like him) at the zoo Harry talks to a snake. Without realizing he is using magic, Harry makes the glass in front of the snake container disappear. the snake escapes. In the movie, Dursley falls in the container, but this does not occur in the book.

Soon after, Harry starts receiving letters from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Uncle Vernon does not let Harry read them, but when they start receiving tons of letters on a Sunday, Vernon decided that the family would run away. They stayed at a hotel, but the hotel owners said that they had received a large quantity of letters for Harry. Next, Vernon took the family to a house. The next day would be Harry's birthday (he had never celebrated his birthday before), so he was lying awake the whole night counting down with the help of the sleeping Dudley's wristwatch. As the clock struck twelve, the door to lighthouse went up, and a large monster came in. It turned out to be Hagrid.

Hagrid told Harry that he was a wizard. At first, Harry didn't believe him, and when Harry explained that his parents were killed in a car crash, Hagrid raged at Petunia and Vernon for keeping the truth away from Harry. After telling Harry the true story behind his parents' death, they left, and bought everything Harry needed before starting at Hogwarts. As a birthday present, Harry received an owl from Hagrid. Harry named her Hedwig.

Next, Harry would have to purchase a wand. In the wizard bank, Gringotts, Harry had found his parents' fortune, so he had enough money to spend. When he went into the wand store, Ollivander, who owned the shop, explained the connection between Harry's newly bought wand and the one which had given him the scar - Voldemort's wand.

When Harry went to Hogwarts, he got a new friend, Ron Weasley. Harry re-meet Draco Malfoy they met at Madame Malkin's robes for all Occasions. Ron too did not like - DracoRon knew his family from before. When they met their future friend, Hermione Granger, the tone in which they spoke was not very friendly. They arrived at Hogwarts, and all the three of them were sorted into Gryffindor. Malfoy was placed in Slytherin even before the Sorting Hat was put on his head.

Since Harry was a celebrity, he was rarely left alone. He was chosen to play for the Quidditch team, and was the youngest student to be chosen in over a houndred years. He went to be quite successful with the Quidditch throughout his education.

During the Halloween party that year, the school was informed that a troll had snuck into the grounds. Harry and Ron decided to find it as Hermione had been seen in the girl's bathroom crying , as she was in the bathroom, crying. They accidentally locked the troll in with her and then had to go rescue her. after saving her from the troll , she became their friend forever.

For Christmas, Harry received his biggest bundle of present he had ever had. Not only a well-made sweater from Ron's mother, but also a strange cloak. It was a present from Dumbledore. When he put it on, it made him invisible, and Ron told him that it was a Cloak of Invisibility.

Throughout the first year, Harry had gained a deep mistrust in one teacher, Snape. He continously suspected Snape for wanting to steal the Philosopher's Stone. Then, one day, as they believe Snape is going to finally steal it, they follow him. They encounter a load of traps set by the teachers to stop potential burglars, but they manage to pass them all. However, in the end, only on of them can move on, and that's Harry.

Harry, Ron and Hermione playing chess.

Harry is surprised when he realises that the man they had followed, was the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Quirrell. Even more surprisingly, Quirrell is bearing the soul of Voldemort, with Voldemort's face appearing on the back of Quirrell's head. After a hard battle for the stone, Harry's hand gain a fiery power which burns whatever part of Quirrell's skin it touches. Quirrell perishes, and the soul of Voldemort flees. Harry wakes up in the hospital a while later.

The Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter returns to the Dursleys, and is visited by a small elf named Dobby who tells him not to return to Hogwarts. However, Harry ignores this, and is soon picked up by Ron and two of his brothers, twins Fred and George. They come to him in a flying, Ford Anglia, and take him to their home, the Burrow. He meets the whole Weasley family (minus Bill and Charlie) and is treated like a son there.

When Harry and Ron are going to Hogwarts, they are unable to reach the train. They decide to ride in the car, which turns out to be a bad idea; they reach the school, but crash into the Whomping Willow, a murderous tree, and they are nearly killed.

The year starts out as usual, with Harry gaining new fans, including a young boy who is constantly taking photographs Colin Creevy. However, soon, Argus Filch's cat, Mrs. Norris, is petrified. This raises rumours about the return of Slytherin's heir and the Chamber of Secrets; the last time the chamber was opened, a girl was killed (Moaning Myrtle). The strange thing is, that Harry is hearing strange voices stating that they want to kill.

Within a few months, students and a ghost are also being petrified. It goes to pot when Hermione is petrified along side Percy's girlfriend. She however left them with a clue, referring to pipes. Ron and Harry figure out that a monster is moving through the pipe system at Hogwarts. They next receive worse news, that Ron's sister, Ginny, has been taken to the Chamber of Secrets. After realizing the location of the gate to the chamber, they take the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart, with them.

Lockhart turns on them, and using Ron's secretly useless wand, he tries to wipe their memories. The curse backfires on himself, and he loses his memory. Ron and Harry try to proceed, but they are cut off from each other by a large group of rocks that had tumbled down. Harry has to proceed to the chamber by himself.

Once there, he finds Ginny, apparently dead. However, she is just unconscious. Harry is then approached by a spirit of a young Tom Riddle. Harry does not realize that this is actually Voldemort's memory before Tom Riddle writes on the wall,


He then swipes the wand, and the letters rearrange:


Harry understands the seriousness, but Riddle has a secret weapon. Into the chamber comes the great basilisk, and everything Harry is supported with is the Sorting Hat, which Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes, fled to give him as the battle started. Fawkes, however, serves as a weapon himself, and blinds the basilisk by picking its eyes out, as looking into a basilisk's eyes causes death.

Harry destroys Riddle's diary

The basilisk follows Harry into the pipe system (only in the movie) , but Harry throws a stone when he is cornered to distract the basilisk (only in the movie). When he runs back into the chamber, he picks up a sword which has appeared inside the Sorting Hat. It is the sword of Godric Gryffindor. Harry parries the attacks from the basilisk with it, and finally stabs the swords up the basilisk's mouth. The basilisk managed to bite Harry, however, and the poisonous fang is stuck in Harry's arm.

Riddle is amazed, but Harry shows no mercy. The source of the memory, Riddle's diary, is on the floor, and Harry stabs it with the fang. Riddle's memory perishes, and Ginny wakes up. Fawkes helps them escape the chamber together with Ron and Lockhart. Fawkes heals Harry's wound.

The Prisoner of Azkaban

Returning to the Dursleys, Harry runs away quite quickly, after blowing up Marge Dursley, Vernon's sister. He is picked up by the magical transport the Knight Bus, which takes him to the Leaky Cauldron. Here, he meets up with the Weasleys and Hermione. When they are on the train to Hogwarts, the train is boarded by Dementors, who attack Harry, but a man in the same Train car as Harry and his friends save him. He is the new teacher in Defence Against the Dark Arts, Remus Lupin.

The new year carries two new classes; Care of Magical Creatures and Divination. Hagrid is the teacher of the firstly mentioned class, and the classes are mostly a chance for Harry, Ron and Hermione to talk with Hagrid. However, Divination proves to become a hate class for the whole trio, with Harry's death being predicted by Professor Trelawney in every lesson.

At the same time, it has been confirmed that Sirius Black is at large form Azkaban. Harry is unaware of the fact that he was a friend of his father, or even that he is innocent. He starts to hate Black after he finds out that he is Harry's godfather, and states that if they meet, he would kill Black for betraying his father and mum.

In the end, they did meet. Ron was taken by a dog into the Whomping Willow, which turned out to be a shortcut to the Shriecking Shack. When Harry arrived and found Ron, the dog had transformed into Sirius Black. To the surprise of Harry, Remus Lupin appears. He seems to know Black, which makes Harry believe that Lupin is also barking mad. However, Sirius explains, in anger, that someone is going to die. Harry then attacks Sirius, telling him that if anyone is going to die, it will be him.

However, Harry soon learns that the true villain is Ron's rat. Lupin and Sirius hunt it around the room before they finally make him transform into Peter Pettigrew. They are suddenly attacked by Snape, who the trio stuns. They then escape the Shrieking Shack, planning to let the Dementors take Pettigrew, who Harry learns was the real person who betrayed his parents. When Sirius and Remus wanted to kill Pettigrew, Harry didn't allow him.

They take Pettigrew outside, but they see that the moon is full. As Lupin is a werewolf and had forgetting to drink the Wolfsabaane potion. he transforms, and Sirius is busy helping him through the tranformation. Sirius then transforms into a dog to keep the werewolf Lupin on his terms, so Pettigrew escapes. When Lupin is about to attack Harry, Ron and Hermione, Ron is left alone and Harry and Hermoine run away but they go and help Sirus who are surrounded by Dementors ready to give its "kiss".

Sirius is later taken to be captive in a tower, while Lupin is lost in the forest. Ron is taken to the hospital. While Harry and Hermione are there, Dumbledore explains that they must save some lifes. Harry doesn't understand a thing, but Hermione then shows him her Time-Turner. She was given it by Professor McGonagall in order to participate in all her classes that year. She then turns the time backwards, and she and Harry rund for their lives to Hagrid's Hut.

At Hagrid's Hut, a Hippogriff by the name Buckbeak is about to be executed. Harry and Hermione saves him and takes him in hiding into the forest. They then distracts Lupin as he attacks everyone outside the Whomping Willow and manage to escape from him.

Next, they ride Buckbeak up to the tower where Sirius is being held. Hermione breaks the prison door open, and they take Sirius down to the grounds. There, they say goodbye to Sirius before he escapes on Buckbeak.

The Goblet of Fire

Harry joins all of Ron's brothers, Mr. Weasley, Ginny, Ron and Hermione that summer to attend the Quidditch World Cup. While attending the World Cup, they sleep in two tents, one of which looks small from the outside but that is giant inside. After the final, the whole camp was attacked by Death Eaters, and everybody fled into the forest.

When school started, it was announced that the Triwizard Tournament was being held that year. Students from the foreign school Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrives, and one of the students from Durmstrang was the seeker who had played for the Bulgarian National Team during the World Cup, Viktor Krum. He was very popular with the other students.

For a few days, you could put your name in the Goblet of Fire if you wanted to compete in the Tournament. Harry and Ron decide that they want to compete, but they are informed that that there has been set an age limit, which only lets the older students (17) join.

Later, there is a ceremony to determine the Champions of each school for the Triwizard Tournament. The Beauxbatons Champion was the stunningly beautiful Fleur Delacour. For Durmstrang, the Champion was, quite obviously, Viktor Krum. The Hogwarts Champion became Cedric Diggory. When everyone had settled with the decision, the Goblet spew out another name, which landed in Dumbledore's hand to the sound of surprise. On the note was Harry's name, so he had to compete whatever happened.

After this incident, Harry becomes quite unpopular. He is still the centre of attention, though, with people asking him how he managed to get past the hex, or just telling him how much they hate him. But Harry's only sorrow is the fact that Ron doesn't want to talk to him. Ron is mad at Harry for not sharing the secret, and when Harry tries to tell him that he did not put his name in the Goblet, Ron just becomes even more grumpy.

In the first challenge in the Triwizard Tournament, Harry has to face an Hungarian Horntail, a fierce dragon. He must capture a golden egg which the dragon is guarding. Harry manages to summon his broom and delivers a magnificent performance, as he makes the dragon crash down into the sea, and he takes the egg without trouble.

Next up is the grand Yule Ball. Harry has a crush on Cho Chang, who is a year older, and asks her out; only to find out that she is already going with Cedric Diggory. Almost everyone has already been asked, so Harry sees Parvati Patil as the only chance. Ron had already asked Fleur Delacour only because she had turn on her charm (part Veela) for Cedric , but was too afraid to even wait for an answer, so he was to go with Parvati's twin sister Padma. For the two couples, the night was boring and unsuccessful.

Harry didn't think much of that night anymore, though, as the second challenge was coming up. All Champions had to dive into the great sea near the school and rescue a person from the bottom of the sea. Harry has to rescue Ron, but realises that Fleur Delacour would not reach her person - her little sister - quickly enough, so he saves her too. Fleur Delacour had resigned from the challenge and was delighted to see Harry ascend with her sister and Ron.

In the last challenge, the Champions had to navigate through a large maze grown where the Quidditch pitch would usually be. The maze was not empty, however, it was filled with dangerous creatures and obstacles. Harry and Cedric were to go first in there, as they were tying for first place at the point. In the end of the maze was the Triwizard Cup, and the first Champion to reach it would win.

Harry deals with a Dementor which turns out to be just a Boggart; he also went through a mist which turned everything around. However, the new Defence Against the Dark Arts, Madeye Moody, who was in fact Bart Crouch Jr. in disguise, put an Imperius Curse on Viktor Krum and stunned Fleur.

Together, Cedric and Harry went on in the labyrinth. They passed a Sphinx who asked them a riddle, and then defeated an Acromantula together. When they reached the Cup, they decided to take it together. However, the Cup had been turned into a Portkey by Crouch Jr., and took them to a graveyard.

Harry at the graveyard.

After they arrive at the Graveyard, Peter Pettigrew appears and kills Cedric. Harry is taken hostage and has to watch Peter Pettigrew helping Voldemort regain his human form with Harry's blood. Then, Harry has to fight Voldemort, but gets to the portkey before Voldemort manages to kill him.

When Harry returns to Hogwarts and tells the sad, shocking and terrible news, no one believe the fact that Voldemort is back, except from Dumbledore, Hermione,the Weasleys and Sirius.

The Order of the Phoenix

Early in the summer, Harry is hidding in Petunia's flowers listening to the Dursley listening to the TV hoping to hear anything which might sound like something done by Voldemort. After wards he takes a walk and runs into Dudley and they are attacked by Dementors, but after struggling, Harry manages to drive them off. Mrs. Figg, an old lady who lives in Privet Drive, appears, and helps follows them to their house. She reveals the fact that she is a Squib, and that Dumbledore has told her to watch over Harry.

Harry defends himself against a Dementor.

When Harry and Dudley get into their house, the Minsitry of Magic sends Harry a letter stating that he has been expelled from Hogwarts. During the trials, he meets Dolores Umbridge, who will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Dumbledore comes to protect Harry in the trials, and when asked to produce a witness, Mrs. Figg appears. Harry is freed from all charges after the trials.

When he arrives at school, he and the other students are very disappointed to find out that Dolores Umbridge does not allow the use of wands in her lessons. Therefore, Hermoine decides to gather a group of students who want to learn and defend themselves and have Harry educate them. Many students, young and old, want to learn from Harry. They call themselves "Dumbledore's Army".

Harry and Cho Chang kiss after a training session with Dumbledore's Army.

At the same time, Harry is having bad dreams. He dreams about Voldemort and sometimes he is even Voldemort himself during his dreams. When he dreams of being Voldemort's snake Nagini, he bites Arthur Weasley severely. Because of the dream, Arthur Weasley was saved, but Dumbledore does not seem to happy with the dream. In fact, he orders Snape to teach Harry Occlumency. The Occlumency sessions are very unsuccessful.

In another dream, Harry is now being Voldemort, torturing Sirius. He used the Floo netowrk to try to connect with Sirius, but he got Kreacher instead and Kreacher said "Master not coming back from the Ministry. He and (also Ron, Hermoine, Ginny, Luna + Nevile) are caught by Umbridge. Umbridge confesses to the trio that see sent the Dementor attack on Harry in the summer, and as she is about to curse Harry, Hermione improvises and tells Umbridge that Dumbledore has a hidden weapon in the Forbidden Forest. Umbridge is sceptical, but follows her and Harry into the forest. They stop by the spot where Hagrid's half-brother, the giant Grawp, usually stays. However, Grawp is not there, and Hermione's plan seems to have failed. However, a group of centaurs appear, and after insulting them, they take Umbridge with them into the deeper areas of the forest.

The trio take Ginny after Ginny give a good argument, Luna and Neville with them to the Ministry of Magic to find Sirius. It appears that the dream Voldemort wanted Harry to see was a trap, and Voldemort had utilized the connection between him and Harry caused by the scar. The group was attacked by Death Eaters after finding a prophecy about Harry, and they escape. They fight for a long time before the members of the Order appear to fight off the Death Eaters. The prophecy is smashed to pieces, and Lucius Malfoy attacks Harry and Sirius, but just as they defeat Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange sends a Killing Curse towards Sirius. Sirius dies, and Lupin tries to hold him (Harry) back, telling him that Sirius is dead.

The Death Eaters - except for Bellatrix Lestrange, who escaped - are captured. However, Lord Voldemort appears and attacks Dumbledore, and just as he disappears, Ministry of Magic workers arrive and see the truth. Cornelius Fudge, who had been denying Voldemort's return the whole year, admits that he is back. When they exit the Ministry and get back to Hogwarts, Dumbledore explains the prophecy to Harry: "Either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives".

The Half-Blood Prince

Harry goes back to the Dursleys for the summer holidays, but doesn't stay there long; Dumbledore wrote to him and said he would pick him up. When he does, he takes Harry to a small village to meet an old friend of Dumbledore's. It turns out to be Horace Slughorn, who used to be a teacher at the same time as Dumbledore. Dumbledore tells Harry that Slughorn used to collect good students as trophies, and that he thinks Slughorn might come back, seeing the opportunity to get Harry into his collection.

Slughorn agrees to come back to Hogwarts, on two conditions; that he gets a better office and a higher salary. After completing the night's effort, Dumbledore drops Harry off at the Burrow before continuing his travel. Harry is warmly welcomed and tells Ron and Hermione, who is also staying, that Dumbledore wants to have private lessons with Harry this year. They discuss if Dumbledore will teach Harry some new, duelling spells, or some handy, defensive spells.

When they get on the train to Hogwarts, Harry and Neville are invited to join a little dinner party with Slughorn and a number of other guests. Harry has an idea why Slughorn is holding this party; to find new members for his Slug Club.

Arriving school, Harry finds out that Horace Slughorn is actually not going to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts, but rather Potions. In other words, the DADA teacher position has gone to Severus Snape. This means that Harry can take Potions N.E.W.Ts, although he didn't buy the books. Neither did Ron, so they find old copies in a supply closet. Harry's copy has been scribbled in on every page, which annoys him, but when he realises that the scribbling is actually useful tips, he uses the previous owner's tips instead of the actual instructions and becomes Slughorn's new favourite. After checking, Harry finds out that the previous owner was a person who called himself the Half-Blood Prince.

For this Quidditch season, Harry has been appointed captain for the Gryffindor team. He wins the first match, is knocked out the second and loses, and is having detention during the third. However, Gryffindor manages to win the Cup without him anyway.

At the same time, Harry is suspecting Draco Malfoy for being up to no good. He knows he is up to something, but not what, so he sends the house-elves Dobby and Kreacher to cover Malfoy.

As Harry's private lessons with Dumbledore begin, he learns that they are not about learning spells or anything in those ways; Dumbledore is letting Harry in on vital memories about Voldemort's past. Harry is also given a mission to collect a certain memory from Slughorn.

Harry with the Potions teacher, Horace Slughorn.

In the first Potions lesson, Harry received a small bottle of Felix Felicis as a prize thanks to the Half-Blood Prince, and he decided to use an hour of it to get Slughorn's memory. Hagrid's old acrumantula, Aragog, was to be buried, and Harry invited Slughorn to join him as he went to visit the funeral. Interested in the acrumantula venom, Slughorn joined, and later that night, he and Hagrid became drunk. Harry asked Slughorn for the memory, and, after a little thinking, he gave it to Harry.

Harry stormed straight up to Dumbledore's office with the memory, and it confirmed Dumbledore's theory of Voldemort splitting his soul - into several pieces. Harry was told that the book hee destroyed in the second grade, Riddle's Diary, was a Horcrux: A part of a person's soul which had been ripped apart from the rest of the soul. Dumbledore's black hand was also a result of destroying another Horcrux, the ring which used to belong to Voldemort's grandfather.

Later, Harry receives a letter from Dumbledore telling him to come to his office immediately. On the way to his office, Harry stumbles into Professor Trelawney, who was just thrown out of the Room of Requirement after trying to hide her drinks in there. Harry is sure that the person who threw her out was Malfoy. He tells her to go with him to Dumbledore so they she can report the incident, so she talks talking nonsense. But in between the nonsense she happens to tell him that Severus Snape actually overheard the prophecy when Trelawney foresaw it. He tells Trelawney to stay exactly where she is as he runs in a rage up to Dumbledore's office.

He slams on the door but walks in even before Dumbledore tells him to come in. Harry is mad and shouts, but Dumbledore tells him to be quiet, and explains that what Snape did was terribly wrong. He then interrupts when Harry wants to answer, saying that he has found another Horcrux and wants Harry to go with him. Harry gladly says yes, and they go to Hogsmeade before they disapperate after Harry give Ron and Hermoine the rest of Felix Felicis to share between them, Ginny, Neville and Luna.

They reappear near a cave in which Voldemort tricked two small kids to go inside when he was young. Inside the cave, they have to cross a giant lake and go to an island with a cauldron on it. Dumbledore starts drinking from the cauldron, and for every sip of the liquid, he becomes more and more distant (and nostalgic) in mind. When he takes the last sip, he cries out for water, and Harry is forced to take water from the lake. As he does, a load of Inferi attacks him. Suddenly, Dumbledore comes to consciousness and drives the Inferi away with fierce flames. They escape the cave, but Dumbledore is very weak.

They return to Hogsmeade, and borrow a couple of brooms so they can get to Hogwarts quicklier. They arrive at the Astronomy Tower, which has the Dark Mark over it; when they arrive, Dumbledore stuns Harry who is hidden beneath the Cloak of Invisibility. Draco Malfoy appears and unarms Dumbledore, and tells him that the mission he was given by Lord Voldemort has been accomplished, he has brought the Death Eaters into Hogwarts. Dumbledore convinces Draco that it's still not to late to come over to the good side. As Draco lowers his wand, the other Death Eaters appear, including Severus Snape, who kills Dumbledore. The Death Eaters then flee, and Harry is freed from the stunning curse. He follows Snape and catches up with him outside, where he tries to curse him, but fails. Snape tells Harry that he was the Half-Blood Prince, before escaping with the other Death Eaters.

After Dumbledore's highly attended funeral, Harry promises to Ron and Hermione that he will let them join him when he goes hunting for Voldemort and his Horcruxes.

The Deathly Hallows

For the first time, Harry does not go to Hogwarts. Instead, he is to leave Privet Drive and go into hiding at the Burrow. A small group of allies led by Mad-Eye Moody arrives to escort him, and half of them must take Polyjuice potion and transform into Harry. The non-Harrys team up with one Harry each, and Hagrid takes care of Harry. However, as they take off, they are attacked by Death Eaters and eventually Lord Voldemort himself.

Hagrid and Harry seek cover at the house of the Tonks family, before proceeding to the Burrow. They receive the terrible news that Moody has been defeated. George Weasley also lost an ear, which Snape cut off with a dark curse. In addition, Harry's owl, Hedwig, is killed.

While at the Burrow, they celebrate Harry's birthday, and Molly Weasley makes him a cake which resembles a Golden Snitch. They are interrupted by the Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, who arrives to give Harry, Ron and Hermione the items Dumbledore wanted them to have after his death. Harry receives the Golden Snitch he caught in his first game of Quidditch, which Scrimgeour finds suspicious as he saw Harry's birtday cake. Harry is also supposed to receive Godric Gryffindor's Sword, but the Ministry of Magic refuses to hand him it.

The next day, they proceed to celebrate another event, the marriage of Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley. Harry is disguised as a cousin of Ron's, Barny. Suddenly, they get the news that Scrimgeour has been killed by Voldemort, and they flee the wedding.

They settle for a while in a café, but are soon interrupted by two Death Eaters. After stunning them, they flee to 12 Grimmauld Place, the former headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, which, after the death of Sirius Black, was given to Harry. They make it their own base as they plan to break into the Ministry of Magic. Kreacher tells them a story about his former master Regulus Arcturus Black, who had stolen the Horcrux Dumbledore and Harry had located - the one they found at the bottom of the cauldron turned out to be a fake. Kreacher then tells the trio that Mundungus Fletcher stole the locket a while ago. Harry next orders Kreacher to go find Fletcher.

In the meantime, Remus Lupin visits them and offers his assistance. However, Harry, after learning that Lupin's wife, Nymphadora Tonks, is pregnant with his baby, declines the offer, calling Lupin a coward. Lupin wants to leave his wife as he doesn't want his son to become a werewolf like him. After the heated argument, Lupin goes away in anger.

When Kreacher returns, he has Fletcher. Fletcher tells them that he sold the locket (the Horcrux) to Dolores Umbridge, the former Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts.

The trio disguise themselves as Ministry employees, and splits up in different directions within the Ministry. Harry finds Moody's eye hanging on the door to Umbridge's office. He takes the eye, and stuns Umbridge with the help of Hermione. However, taking the eye was a bad idea, as it is soon realised there are intruders within the building. After freeing a pack of Muggle-borns, the trio escapes as their base has been discovered. They travel around and do not stay at each location for a long time.

From 12 Grimmauld Place, they took with them a portrait of a wizard who they hoped could provide them information. The portrait, who has another frame at the Headmaster office at Hogwarts, tells them that Dumbledore used Godric Gryffindor's Sword to destroy the Horcrux ring. Ron becomes grumpy as they would actually have had the sword if it was not for the Ministry. After an argument with Harry, Ron leaves their camp.

In sorrow at the contemporary loss of Ron, Harry and Hermione proceed to Godric's Hollow where Harry was born. They find the gravestones of Harry's parents before they go visit Bathilda Bagshot, a very old witch who they hope Dumbledore trusted enough to give the sword. They meet Basghot and follows her to her house, where she reveals herself; she is actually Voldemort's pet snake, Nagini. Hermione fires a curse as they disapperate, but the curse blasted Harry's wand.

Harry becomes grumpy, but not for long, when he meets a silver doe (which is in fact a Patronus. The doe leads him to a little, but deep pond in the forest, covered by a layer of ice. Harry spots the sword on the bottom and tries to retrieve it, but the locket which they stole from Umbridge's office magically tries to keep him underwater. As Harry is about to drown, Ron dives into the pond and rescues Harry. Ron proceeds to try and kill the Horcrux, but it turns out to be Tom Riddle's eye which torments Ron until he finally manages to stab it with the sword. Ron reveals that he found Harry using the Deluminator Dumbledore left him. He also says that saying Voldemort's name has become a Taboo; if you say it, the Ministry can locate you. This was how the trio were found at the café earlier.

Next, the trio travels to visit Xenophilius Lovegood, the father of Luna. They want to question him about a symbol, Grindelwald's Mark, which they wonder what means. Lovegood tells them about the mark, which symbolizes the Deathly Hallows. The Deathly Hallows iclude the Elder Wand, a Resurrection Stone and a Cloak of invisibilty, which is in the posession of Harry. Lovegood says that each part of the symbol is a Hallow, and anyone who posesses every Hallow is called the Master of Death. Suddenly, they are surprised by Death Eaters, and the trio barely manages to escape. However, Harry has now a theory that they need all the Hallows to defeat Voldemort.

The trio is listening to the radio when Harry accidentally says Voldemort's name. They are captured by a group of Snatchers - working for Voldemort - and they are taken to the Malfoy Manor. They are led down to a cellar where they are held captive. Hermione is taken up by Bellatrix Lestrange, who starts torturing Hermione until she gives her the location of the sword. However, Hermione doesn't, and downstairs, Dobby has come to rescue the prisoners. They make a lot of noise, though, and Peter Pettigrew is sent to see what is going on. Harry and Ron attack him, but Peter starts choking Harry. Strangely enough, the hand turns on Pettigrew and kills him.

Harry and Ron proceed upstairs with Dobby, to save Hermione. They manage to escape by disapperating, but as they reappear long away, they realize that Lestrange managed to fatally hurt Dobby as they left. Dobby dies, and they hold a funeral for the brave house-elf. They reach the home of Bill and Fleur, the Shell Cottage, and immediately starts planning again. Griphook, a goblin who was also being prisoned in the Malfoy Manor, is questioned by Harry on how he and his friends can break into Gringotts. Harry is sure that one of the Horcruxes is hidden in Bellatrix Lestrange's vault. Harry next talks to Ollivander, who also managed to escape the manor, about the Elder Wand. However, during the talk, Harry gets a vision which shows Voldemort stealing Dumbledore's Wand - The Elder Wand - from his grave.

Griphook says he will assist the trio if he gets Gryffindor's Sword. Harry agrees, but plans to give it to him after he has destroyed all the Horcruxes. As they are about to go, Remus Lupin appears with good news. He has just become a dad. The child's name is Teddy, and he is luckily not a werewolf like his father; rather, he has inherited his mother's ability to change his appearance. Harry is named godfather of Teddy by Lupin.

The trio goes to Gringotts with Griphook, and everyone of them are disguised: Hermione as Bellatrix Lestrange, Ron as a friend of hers, while Harry and Griphook hide under the cloak. They get the Horcrux, a cup which belonged to Hufflepuff, however, Griphook takes the sword and flees, betraying them. The trio escapes on a dragon, and they go to Hogsmeade.

After having another vision, Harry learns another Horcrux is now at Hogwarts. They are, however, attacked by Death Eaters, but are saved by the barkeeper of the pub Hog's Head. The barkeeper turns out to be Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore's brother. He reveals a secret route to Hogwarts, which they get through with the help of Neville. Neville, Ginny and Luna had restarted Dumbledore's Army during the school year, to stand up against the new, unfair teachers - the Carrows - and Snape.

When they reach the school, they meet up with the rest of Dumbledore's Army. Harry asks the Ravenclaws if they know anything about a relic of Ravenclaw, but the only one they know is a diadem which hasn't been seen in many years. When Voldemort learns that Harry is at Hogwarts and is intending to destroy another Horcrux, he goes with everyone under his command to attack the school.

Harry remembers seeing the diadem when he hid the Half-Blood Prince's book the last year in the Room of Requirement. Ron and Hermione goes to the Chamber of Secrets to retrieve a few Basilisk fangs, and they destroy the cup. They move on to find the diadem when Draco Malfoy, accompanied by his friends Crabbe and Goyle, confronts the trio. Crabbe fires of a Fiendfyre curse, which he is not able to control. The intensely hot curse incinerates him along with the diadem, while the other barely manage to escape the room.

The trio proceed to the Shrieking Shack, where Voldemort and Snape are. Voldemort is worried as the Elder Wand is not working for him. He suspects it is because only the true owner of the wand - the one who defeated its previous master - can weild it with its ultimate power. Therefore, he orders Nagini to kill Snape. Voldemort walks out, and Harry approaches Snape. Snape hands Harry a bunch of memories before dying. At the same time, Voldemort orders Harry to surrender within one hour, and if not, Voldemort will join the battle and kill everyone.

Harry goes into the castle and finds many beloved ones dead; Fred Weasley, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks and even his biggest fan, Colin Creevey. However, Harry hasn't got much time, and goes up to the castle to see Snape's memories. It turns out that Snape was always in love with his mother, and that Snape was a loyal spy to Dumbledore. Also, Dumbledore had ordered Snape to kill him as the destruction of the Horcrux ring had severe injured Dumbledore, leaving him with about one year to live. At this point, Harry realizes how brave Snape actually was. But, quite frighteningly, he also learns that Dumbledore suspected Harry of actually being a Horcrux himself.

Harry tells Neville to try his best to kill the snake, which is a Horcrux. Harry starts walking towards his fate, into Voldemort's camp in the Forbidden Forest, but first, he opens the Golden Snitch which Dumbledore left him. Inside is the Resurrection Stone, and he resurrects the spirits of his parents, along with Sirius and Remus, who provides him with emotional support. He meets Voldemort, who kills him instantly.

In what appears to be a dream, Harry meets in Dumbledore in what appears to be King's Cross. Dumbledore tells Harry that Harry didn't die, as Voldemort can't kill Harry because Harry's blood flood within him - Voldemort used Harry's blood to restore his own body three years earlier. Dumbledore also explains that the Horcrux part of Harry had now been destroyed by Voldemort as he cast the killing curse.

In addition, Dumbledore tells him that he and another wizard, Grindelwald, had searched for the Hallows together, and their association resulted in the death of Dumbledore's sister. Then, Harry faces a choice: He can die, or return to life to stop Voldemort. For Harry, the choice is obvious.

Voldemort asks Narcissa Malfoy to check if Harry is dead. Harry whispers to her that Draco is safe, and Narcissa sees an opportunity to save her son. She replies to Voldemort that Harry is indeed dead, and Hagrid is ordered to take Harry's corpse to the castle. Once at the castle, Voldemort gives the defenders a last chance to surrender, but Neville, wearing the Sorting Hat, stands up to him. Voldemort starts torturing him just as allied reinforcements appear, with centaurs arriving to protect Hogwarts.

Harry quickly hides himself under the Cloak, and runs into the castle. Neville grabs Gryffindor's Sword out of the Sorting Hat (which proves that he's a worthy Gryffindor) and chops Nagini's head off. Voldemort enters the castle and fights Minerva McGonagall, Kingsley and his old teacher Horace Slughorn. Bellatrix Lestrange is fighting a few students when Molly Weasley interrupts the battle and kills her.

Harry reveals himself to Voldemort, and preparing to fight him for the last time, he knows that the fight will be impossible to win; seeing as how Voldemort is now the true owner of the Elder Wand. However, Harry realizes that the Wand's true master is Draco Malfoy, not Voldemort, as Draco disarmed Dumbledore, becoming the master. Harry had taken Malfoy's wand while in prisonership at the manor, so in other words, Harry was now the wand's master. Harry explains this to Voldemort, who instead of believing him, tries to kill Harry with the killing curse. Harry parries the attack with the Expelliarmus spell, making the killing curse ricochet back at Voldemort; now, without the protection of his Horcruxes, defeating him once and for all.

Harry is now in posession of all the Hallows: The Stone, The Wand and The Cloak. He decides to hide the stone, and doesn't keep the wand, only using it to restore his old, broken wand. After that, he placed the wand inside Dumbledore's tomb.

After the Battle of Hogwarts

Harry joins the Auror office between May 3 and July 31, 1998. Nine years later, he became head of the Auror office. In addition, he, Ron and Hermione are featured in a new line of Chocolate Frog Cards. He is also sometime later married to Ginny Weasley, and they have three children; James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter and Lily Luna Potter. All of the children are named by two people each who meant a lot to Harry.


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