Triwizard Tournament

The Triwizard Tournament is a Magical Event from the Harry Potter Universe


[edit] Background

The Triwizard Tournament is a competition between the three largest magical schools, Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. The location of the tournament varies depending on the year, and can be at any of the three schools. Each of the schools are represented by a single champion, these champions will test magic ability, intelligence and courage. The judges for the tasks are the headmasters of the three schools, and the champions compete, with the winner being given the Triwizard Cup, and 1000 Galleons.

[edit] History

The tournaments are very dangerous, and Champions have died while competing. The Triwizard Tournament was discontinued because the death toll became too high, but was revived with restrictions in place in an attempt to stop the deaths. The tournament was established about 700 years ago, and was held every five years in a cycle at schools. The 1994 Triwizard Tournament was different to the others as it had four champions instead of three. Each tasks gives help towards the next task, in the 1994 tournament the first task gave champions a golden Egg, which gave clues to what the second task will be, and the second task gave time for a head start on the third task.

[edit] Rules

  • Each Champion is bound by a magical contract to see the Tournament through to the end.
  • Each Tournament consists of three tasks differing from year to year.
  • Champions receive marks from a panel of judges on each task.
  • Each Champion is to stand alone, and receive no help from friends or teachers.
  • The Yule Bal is held on Christmas Eve, and the champions lead the host school in dancing.

[edit] Revived Tournament

The Tournament was revived in 1994, and this tournament was different to others as four champions where chosen.

  • Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

Fleur Delacour

  • Durmstrang Institute

Viktor Krum

  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Cedric Diggory
Harry Potter

[edit] Challenges

The first task of the 1994 Tournament was against a dragon. The Champion had to retrieve a Golden Egg that the dragon was protecting. The dragons used within the first task are:

  • Swedish Short Snout - Cedric
  • Common Welsh Green - Fleur
  • Chinese Fireball - Viktor
  • Hungarian Horntail - Harry

Each champion retrieved the golden egg, and had to find out what the egg told them about the second task. The egg had a song within when opened under water.
"Come seek us where our voices sound, We cannot sing above the ground, And while you're searching, ponder this; We've taken what you'll sorely miss, An hour long you'll have to look, And recover what we took, But past an hour - the prospect's black, Too late, it's gone, it won't come back."
The song gave hints to there being Merpeople, who would take away something and keep it under water, until rescued by the Champion. The stolen things where:

  • Hermione Granger - Krum
  • Ronald Weasley - Harry
  • Cho Chang - Cedric
  • Gabrielle Delacour - Fleur

The completion of these two tasks suggested how long of a head start the Champions got over each other. The last task was a maze, which at the centre was placed the Triwizard Cup. The first to find the centre, was the champion. In the 1994 Tournament the cup had been turned into a Port Key, and Victor Krum had been used to stop Fleur from winning. Before entering Dumbledore said that the maze can change people, and not to forget who you are. But both Cedric and Harry forgot themselves in the maze, and both tried to make the other fall. Harry thought about leaving Cedric to be taken by the maze, but at the last moment helped Cedric, and they both won the challenge.

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