Ted Tonks

Ted Tonks is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe.

Ted Tonks

[edit] Background

It isn't known how old Ted Tonks is, and no details of his childhood or early life are known. However, he married Andromeda Black, who was a pure-blood, and was burned of the Black family tree for her marriage to Ted. They got a daughter, Nymphadora. He had a good relationship with his daughter, and mostly called her Dora. He was also seemingly a good friend of Arthur Weasley. He is also described as having a big belly.

[edit] History

Ted Tonks first appeared in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He helped the Order of the Phoenix, which his daughter was a member of. He helped Hagrid and Harry Potter when they were attacked by Death Eaters during an escape attempt, by taking them into his house and healing their injuries. After sending the two to the Burrow, he sent the flying motorcycle (and sidecar) which Harry and Hagrid had arrived on to Arthur Weasley, who hid it in his shed.

Ted and Andromeda were found in their home by Death Eaters and were tortured for information about Harry, which they refused to give. The Ministry, under Voldemort's control, started arresting Muggle-borns like Ted, so he had to run away and hide. He met Dirk Cresswell and Dean Thomas while on the run, and the goblins Griphook and Gornuk, whom he joined. While stopping for some rest, they had a discussion about Harry Potter, unaware of the fact that he was very close by and even listening. Ted defended The Quibbler, saying it was the only newspaper out there which told the truth, as well as defending Harry and his actions.

Somewhere on their journey, one of them possibly spoke Voldemort's name - being Taboo, and they were found by Snatchers. Ted was killed along with Cresswell and Gornuk. In his memroy, Remus Lupin and his daughter named their son after him.

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