Slytherin Emblem
FounderSalazar Slytherin
Head Of HouseHorace Slughorn
Severus Snape (Previous)
Emblem AnimalSnake
House GhostThe Bloody Baron
Common Room LocationDungeons

Slytherin is one of four houses in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Students that are chosen to be in the house of Slytherin tend to show traits such as ambition, cunning, determination, resourcefulness, and self-preservation. This house has a negative reputation, with some members of Slytherin being the school bullies. The emblem can be found on the cloaks of all slytherin students, and the colours are also used on the scarfs.


[edit] Founder

The school was founded by four witches and wizards. The wizard that created the house under the Slytherin name was Salazar Slytherin. He wanted a strict admission policy, only allowing pure bloods into the school. When the school founders disliked the idea the Salazar created a Chamber, which his heir could open to finish his work of wanting the pure blood policy.

[edit] History

The disagreement caused Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin to break their friendship, starting the feud between the two houses that continues to this day. When Dumbledore's Army was created very few Slytherins decided to join, and during the final battle some joined up with the Death Eaters. Slytherin won the house cup between the years of 1985 and 1991, meaning that during those years the students in slytherin must have been exceptional students before the teachers. Slytherin's enchanted hourglass in the entrance hall that keeps track of the points is filled with Emeralds.

[edit] The Common Room

The Common Room for the Slytherin house is located in the dungeons of Hogwarts. The door is in fact a wall, and a password is spoken to the wall before entering. The room itself is a dark looking room, with dark green lamps and chairs. There are some dark green sofas, which are seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film.

[edit] Quidditch Team

Slytherin, like the other houses have there own Quidditch team, and they take on the challenge to win the Quidditch Cup. It was stated by Lee Jordan that the captain chooses size, not position, hinting that only the larger more powerful players where chosen for the Slytherin team line up. The team robes are a green colour, with silver edging, and the crest on the left. In 1992 Draco Malfoy's father bought his son's way into the team by upgrading the team with new brooms, giving them Nimbus 2001s, meaning that the Slytherin team had the fastest brooms of the time.

Draco Malfoy with his Nimbus 2001 in Slytherin Robes

[edit] Known players

Following is a list of players past and present.


  • Miles Bletchley


  • Marcus Flint (Ex-Captain)
  • Montague (Ex-Captain)
  • C.Warrington
  • Adrian Pucey
  • Urquhart (Captain)
  • Vaisey


  • Derrick
  • Bole
  • Vincent Crabbe
  • Gregory Goyle


  • Regulus Black
  • Terence Higgs
  • Draco Malfoy
  • Harper (Sub)

[edit] Matches

Syltherin had the first match of the year each year against Gryffindor, and was usually help at the beginning of November. These matches where always intense because of the rivalry between the two houses, with there always being an injury obtained. Slytherins second match of the year was against Ravenclaw, this was usually held towards the end of February. Slytherins last match up of the year is against Hufflepuff, towards the start of March. Sytherin won the cup continuously between the school years of 1986 - 1987, and 1990 - 1991.

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