Severus Snape

Severus Snape is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe.

Severus Snape
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Severus Snape played by Alan Rickman.
BornJanuary 9, 1960
DiedMay 2, 1998
ParentsTobias Snape
Eileen Prince
AffiliationsOrder of the Phoenix, Death Eaters

[edit] Background

Snape is a dark-haired man, with greasy hair, grey eyes, and a drawling voice. He is the same age as Sirius, James, and Lupin, since he was in their year. He grew up near Lily Evans, and he fell in love with her then. He told her that she was a witch, and they both went to Hogwarts. He was brilliant in Potions, but he had no friends, and James and Sirius bullied him. When he grew up, he became a Death Eater, and when Voldemort disappeared, he joined Dumbledore, and got a teaching job at Potions, even though he wanted the Dark Arts job.

[edit] History

In the first book, Harry Potter first sees Snape and instantly dislikes him. In the first year, he thought that Snape was behind all of the things that Professor Quirrell was doing. When Quirrell was trying to jinx Harry's broom during the boy's first Quidditch match so that he would fall off, Snape did a counter jinx so that it would save him. When Quirrell let out the troll, Snape just visited Fluffy to block Quirrell from getting the Sorceror's Stone.

In the third book, Snape was important late in the book. When Harry, Ron and Hermione were with Professor Lupin and Sirius Black in the Shrieking Shack and explaining who Sirius was, Snape came in and was stunned. When the dementors came, and everyone was unconscious, Snape regained his and got everyone to the hospital wing.

In the fifth book, Snape is a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Only he and Dumbledore know what he is doing, and he spies on Voldemort. During the Christmas, he tells Harry that he will be teaching him Occlumency, and he has an argument with Sirius. Harry isn't any good at Occlumency, and after the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team is discovered in a Vanishing Cabinet, he leaves Harry alone with the Pensieve. Harry finds out Snape's worst memory, where Sirius and James were bullying him, and when Lily came to defend him, he called her a Mudblood. Snape comes and gets him, and blows up on him, refusing to teach him anymore. When Harry has the vision of Sirius being tortured, and Harry is captured by Umbridge, Snape comes in and Harry relays a warning in code, hoping to tell Snape without warning Umbridge. Snape understands and tells the Order. When Sirius dies, harry blames Snape for saying that Sirius isn't helpful to his face.

In the sixth book, it opens with Snape making an Unbreakable Vow to Narcissa Malfoy to help her son kill Dumbledore if he isn't able to do it. After Horace Slughorn gets the job as Potions Master, Snape finally gets the Defence Against the Dark Arts job. At the end of the book, Snape kills Dumbledore since Draco doesn't do it himself - Dumledore wanted Snape to kill him , and he (Snape) flees with the Death Eaters. When he is dueling with Harry, Harry is trying to use the spells that were in the Half Blood Prince's book, and Snape reveals that he himself is the Prince.

In the final book, Snape is now the headmaster at Hogwarts. When Harry is following the doe, he doesn't realize that it was the picture of Phineas that told Snape that they were in that forest. Uses his doe Patronus (it came after Lilly's death) to guide Harry there. At the end of the book in the Shrieking Shack, Nagini kills Snape so that Voldemort can become the rightful owner of the Elder Wand. When Harry comes out of his hiding place, Snape gives him a memory which Dumbledore wanted him to give him, when Voldemort keeps his snake close to him, and he stares into Harry's eyes, so that when he died, he was staring into Lily's. When Harry watches the memory, it explains that Snape loved Lily, that he saved Dumbledore from the curse of the ring and gave him a year to live, how they planned that he would kill Dumbledore, and that Snape was actually on Harry's side, and protected him all through his school life.

[edit] Appearances

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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