[edit] Summmery

Potions are liquid drinks which when concocted may give you extra powers, change your appearance, do things you wouldn't normally do and many more. Potions are usually made my mixing different ingredients in and stirring so many times counter clockwise or clockwise.

[edit] List of Potions

This is a current list of Known Potions:

Felix Felicis: When drunk, the person will feel lucky and almost all of the time while under the influence of the drink will have the luckiest day of his life. It is also a banned substance at sporting events, school exams and the like. Also if taken too regularly, it can cause you to be over-confident and cause you to do something regrettable.
Polyjuice Potion: When a person puts hair or part of another person into this potion and then drink it, they will turn into them. Also it varies taste. If you put in a part of somebody who is evil, it will taste repulsive but if you put a part of somebody who is good then it will taste nice.
Wolfsbane Potion: Can stop a werewolf being a harmful werewolf.
Love Potion smells like everything that a person likes including the hair (but its not added) of the like.
Draught of Peace

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