Ordinary Wizarding Level

An O.W.L is a test taken during a student's fifth year at Hogwarts. The score received during the O.W.L exams determines whether the student will be allowed to continue the subject in the later years, known as NEWT years. The exams are divided into practical and written, and are given at the ages of 15 - 16, similar to the muggle GCSEs.


[edit] Schedule

The Exams are scheduled for over a two week period at the end of the fifth year. The Theory part of the exam is held in the morning and the practical part in the afternoon.

[edit] Time Table

Week Day Subject
Monday Charms
Tuesday Transfiguration
Wednesday Herbology
Thursday Defence Against the Dark Arts
Friday Study of Ancient Runes
Monday Potions
Tuesday Care of Magical Creatures
Wednesday Astronomy
Thursday History of Magic

[edit] Grades

Pass Fail
Outstanding Poor
Exceeds Expectations Dreadful
Acceptable Troll

[edit] Trivia

  • Hermione got all Outstanding except for one Exceeds Expectations in Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • Harry initially believed that he would be unable to do Potions at NEWT level due to Snape's requirement being Outstanding. He only got Exceeds Expectations. However, with Slughorn teaching the subject in the 6th book, the requirement is changed to an E.
  • Dumbledore passed the test with all "Outstandings", but did not take Divination.
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