Obliviate is a fictional spell from the Harry Potter Universe.

Obliviate, more commonly known as Memory Modification is used to make witches, wizards, or even muggles forget sections of their memory, either large or small. It may be used on a muggle if they come to know any information that is important or dangerous to wizarding security, or if they suspect magical acts.

One memorable use of the charm comes in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, in which Gilderoy Lockhart plans to use it to completely wipe Ron's and Harry's memories, and claim that they had lost their minds. However, he uses Ron's damaged wand, causing the spell to backfire and wipe his memory clean instead.

Another memorable use is Kingsley Shacklebolt using the spell to protect members of Dumbledore's Army from exposure by a traitor.

Hermione uses the spell to modify her parents' memory, so they forget magic and even her existence to prevent them from getting hurt by Voldemort or the Death Eaters when she, Harry and Ron set out to find and destroy Voldemort's horcruxes.

Obliviate could have roots in the English word "oblivious". It may also come from the Latin oblivisci, meaning "to forget".

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