Ludovic Bagman

Ludovic ('Ludo') Bagman is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe.

[edit] Background

Ludo Bagman is a former Quidditch player. He was the Captain of the England team, and was one of their Beaters. During the time of Voldemort, Bagman was accused of passing information to Death Eaters. He swore he was unaware of who he was passing the information to, and all the charges were dropped. Now he is the head of the Magical Games and Commissions Office of the Ministry.

[edit] History

He first appears at the Wolrd Cup in the fourth book. He tries to get bets on the game from Mr. Weasley, but Fred and George bet. They bet that Ireland would win, but Krum would catch the snitch. After that happened in the match, Fred and George didn't get their money from Bagman and started blackmailing him throughtout the book. He was also being chased by goblins that he didn't repay. He was a judge for the Triwizard Tournament, and made another bet that Harry would win it, to get himself out of debt. He gave Harry hints along the way to ensure the boy would win, so that Bagman would then be able get out of his debt.

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