Irma Pince

Irma Pince is a character in the Harry Potter Universe. She is the Hogwarts librarian.

Irma Pince
Irma Pince played by Sally Mortemore.
OccupationLibrarian at Hogwarts

[edit] History

Irma Pince, commonly Madam Pince, has a quite anonymous past. However, it seems as if she was brought up very strictly, as she herself is quite strict with the rules in the library. It is not allowed to eat, talk, laugh, whisper, sneeze or scurry in the library, however, these rules are mostly broken by everyone.

The majority of students dislike Madam Pince (if anyone actually likes here, they keep it secret). She appears to behave very much like Argus Filch, and many think it that the two are actually in love with each other. This has not been confirmed.

In the books and movies, her role is most often to be an obstacle for students who are in the library to do other things than studying. Harry, Ron and Hermione are often victims of her sharp eagle eyes.

[edit] Trivia

  • It is believed by fans that she is actually the mother of Severus Snape in hiding. This has not been confirmed.
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