Gabrielle Delacour

Gabrielle Delacour is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe.

Fleur Delacour
SchoolBeauxbatons Academy of Magic
ActressAngelica Mandy
FamilyFleur Delacour (sister)
Monsieur Delacour (father)
Apolline Delacour (mother)
Bill Weasley (brother-in-law)
Victoire Weasley (niece)
Dominique Weasley (niece)
Louis Weasley (nephew)
AffiliationBeauxbatons (student)
BloodHalf-human (Maternal Grandmother is a Veela)

Gabrielle is a quarter-Veela witch, and sister to Fleur Delacour. Through her, she is related to the Weasleys.

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