Fenrir Greyback

Fenrir Greyback
Fenrir Greyback (HBP promo) 1.jpg
Greyback close up
Born1960's or earlier
LoyaltyDeath Eaters
HouseSlytherin, when he was human.

Fenrir Greyback is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe

[edit] Background

Fenrir Greyback is a Werewolf, intent on trying to infect as many people with the curse as possible. He believes that as soon as enough people have been turned to werewolves, they will be able to take over the Wizarding world. He makes sure he is near his victims as time came close to the full moon so he could ensure that he is able to bite them after transforming. Fenrir is the most dominant werewolf. He is a Death Eater in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and then he changes his way into a Snatcher.

[edit] History

Greyback is a leader in the Werewolf community, and has inflicted Lycanthropy on many people, both muggle and magical. One of his many victims include Remus Lupin, whose father had offended Greyback in some way which led the werewolf to attack his son.
Greyback also attacked Bill Weasley, although he was not in his werewolf form at the time. This meant that Bill was not turned fully into a werewolf, although he does now have some 'Wolfish Tendencies'.

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