Cormac McLaggen

Cormac McLaggen is a character in the Harry Potter Universe.

Cormac McLaggen
Cormac McLaggen played by Freddie Stroma.

[edit] Background

Cormac McLaggen seems to come from a wealthy family. His uncle, Tiberius, is an official at the Ministry of Magic, and he is good friends with many influential wizards, like the Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour and Bertie Higgs.

[edit] History

Cormac with Horace Slughorn in a party.

Cormac plays a somewhat important supportive role in the sixth installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He first appears on the Hogwarts Express to meet Horace Slughorn and other students who have been invited to the Slug Club.

He then appeared at the tryouts for the Gryffindor Quidditch team to try as a keeper. He explains to Harry that he was in the hospital last year and therefore couldn't attend the tryouts. He proves his skill by saving four penalties in a row, but when he is about to save the fifth, Hermione distracts him with a charm that makes him miss it. Cormac gets mad and insists to get a new try, but Harry refuses. Ron Weasley got the spot instead of him.

For the Slug Club's Christmas Party that year, Hermione asked him to go with her. Hermione even insisted that he was her boyfriend when she was asked. In reality, she went with Cormac just because she was jealous with Ron. She tried to keep out of Cormac's sight the whole night, and talked to Harry and Luna Lovegood instead. When Cormac asked Harry if he had seen her, he replied no and gave Cormac a Dragon tartar which made Cormac vomit on Severus Snape. This got him detention.

Ron missed the next game of the season and had to be replaced by Cormac. The match turned out very ill, with Cormac constantly bossing over the other players. When he took one of the other players bat to show how to hit a bludger, he hit Harry in the head and cracked his skull. After the match, the rest of the team were not happy with Cormac's performance.

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