During the Seven years at Hogwarts, students would be expected to take classes in various areas of magic. For the most time, you would take the Core subject chosen for first year students, then continue with them until the Sixth year, when your O.W.L.s results would dictate what you can and cannot continue with.


[edit] First Year

These are given as the core subjects that you continue through the years at Hogwarts

[edit] Second Year

During the second year, students continue with the core subjects started in year 1, they then choose two or more of the following lessons for year 3.

[edit] Third Year

Same classes as the first year, with the addition of the chose classes.

[edit] Fourth Year

These are the same as the previous year, with the added preperation for O.W.L.s

[edit] Fifth Year

Same classes as the Fourth year, and then at the end of the year they take Ordinary Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.s)

[edit] Sixth Year

Sixth year is dependant on grades, and whether you got the required grades to continue your wanted subjects.

[edit] Seventh Year

The classes chosen from the Sixth year are continued here followed by Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.T.s).

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