Charlie Weasley

Charlie Weasley is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe. He has a love for magical creatures, particularly dragons.

[edit] Background

Charlie is the second oldest child of Molly and Arthur Weasley. He was a very successful student who played as captain for the Quidditch team and, in addition, he was a Prefect. When he finished school, he traveled to Romania to work with dragons.

[edit] History

When Rubeus Hagrid has to give away his baby dragon, Norbert, Charlie accepts to take it to Romania so it can stay with the other dragons. When Hagrid meets Charlie again in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Charlie tells Hagrid that Norbert is actually a girl, so they renamed her Norberta. Charlie later fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, but after the battle was over, he returned to Romania.

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