Chapter 2 - Dobby's Warning


[edit] Timeframe [2]

23rd June 1991 � Almost ten years after the events of Chapter One.

[edit] Synopsis [2]

Harry has grown into a thin boy with unruly black hair and green eyes that shelter behind round glasses. He takes pride in the scar on his forehead, which the Dursleys� inform him was obtained in the car crash that killed his parents. He has never been told about anything about the magical society from which he originates.
Harry is very mistreated and has suffered neglect and even cruelty at the hands of his guardians. He has no worldly possessions of his own and is made to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs. Strange and unexplainable events often seem to happen around Harry, usually when he is angry or afraid.
The chapter itself takes place on Dudley�s eleventh Birthday. The family visit a nearby Zoo to give Dudley a special treat. Harry was intended to spend the day with his babysitter, Mrs Figg, but she is unavailable so he is presented with a rare opportunity to enjoy himself. However, it does not last. Harry is surprised to discover that he can communicate with a Boa Constrictor. He inadvertently manages to set the great snake free using a form of wandless magic, although this is unknown to him. Vernon Dursley, who knows full well about Harry�s magical heritage, is quick to realise what has happened and, upon returning home, he locks Harry in his cupboard as a punishment.

[edit] Setting [2]

  • An unnamed Zoo</li>
  • Number Four Privet Drive</li>

    [edit] Characters [2]


  • Dudley Dursley</li>
  • Petunia Dursley</li>
  • Vernon Dursley</li>
  • Mrs Polkiss</li>
  • Piers Polkiss</li>
  • Harry Potter</li>
  • Dedalus Diggle </li>
  • Marjorie �Aunt Marge� Dursley</li>
  • Arabella Figg </li>
  • James Potter</li>
  • Lily Potter</li>
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