Buckbeak is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe

[edit] Background

Buckbeak is Hagrid's Hippogrif. Nothing is known about Buckbeak before he is actually introduced in the series.

[edit] History

Buckbeak first appeared in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He was the third years first lesson for their new class, Care for Magical Creatures. Hagrid asked if anybody wanted to approach him. Harry volunteered, and he was able to succesfully pet him. After that, Hagrid made Harry ride him. When Harry was done, everyone else in the
class paired up with a hippogriff, and Malfoy got Buckbeak. Hippogriffs are proud, and Malfoy called Buckbeak a "great ugly brute", and he didn't like that. He attacked Malfoy with his talons, and cut his arm. Malfoy, wanting to get Hagrid fired, complained about it to his father, and he scared the School Board into executing him. To defend Buckbeak, Hermione helped Hagrid work up a defense for him, and it didn't work. When the day came for Buckbeak to be executed, Harry, Ron, and Hermione went down to his cabin, and tried to comfort Hagrid. When they were walking back to the school, they heard an axe thud, and they knew they killed him. Well, when Harry and Hermione went back into time with the Time Turner they saved Buckbeak after the Ministry official saw him tied up. When they were hidden in the forest, they saw Mcnair swing the axe into the fence, thus creating the sound. When it was time for Sirius to be saved, they flew Buckbeak to the highest tower, where he was being held, and let him take Buckbeak and fly off. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, It is learned that Buckbeak is hidden away somewhere tropical with Sirius, and later, they see him and Sirius in a cave near Hogsmeade.
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