Alastor Moody


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Alastor Moody
Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody
ActorBrendan Gleeson
DiedJuly 27, 1997
AffiliationOrder of Phoenix

Mad-Eye (or Alastor) Moody is a fictional character from the Harry Potter Universe

[edit] Background

Alastor Moody was perhaps the most famous Auror of all time. He is known for being exceedingly cautious and he always tells everyone to have "constant vigilance." An example of this is that he never drinks anything except out of his own flask and he once crushed a carriage clock that he thought was a cleverly disguised basilisk egg. During his time as an Auror, he gained many scars and broken body parts, including the loss of his left eye. His replacement is a magical eye that can rotate 360 degrees and see through nearly everything. He also lost a leg and uses a wooden leg instead. In the fourth book, he is appointed the new teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Shortly before the school year, however, he is attacked by Barty Crouch Jr., and is subdued to the Imperius Curse. When Moody is eventually freed, he once again joins the Order of Phoenix. In the seventh book, he is killed by Voldemort when he is shot off his broom once he is abandoned by Mundungus Fletcher.

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